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The New England Association for Healthcare Quality, Inc – NEAHQ

The New England Association for Healthcare Quality, Inc (NEAHQ) empowers healthcare quality professionals from every specialty throughout New England by providing education, networking, certification preparation and professional practice resources.

NEAHQ provides a strong voice for healthcare quality by active involvement in appropriate healthcare quality initiatives. 

NEAHQ Joins Healthcare Quality Collective

In an effort to foster continuous learning, development, and networking for our membership, the New England Association for Healthcare Quality (NEAHQ) is excited to announce our new participation in a Healthcare Quality Collective with six other state healthcare quality associations. As a part of this collective, participating associations offer FREE quarterly webinars for active members. This means that NEAHQ members now have access to 28 FREE webinars each year – and 28 FREE CPHQ continuing education credits annually. We are thrilled to offer this incredible new membership benefit at no additional cost – so if you are not yet a member, now is the time to join! Participating state associations include Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, and Oregon.

NEAHQ Position Statement on Racism and Equity

The New England Association for Healthcare Quality (NEAHQ) is united against racism and injustice. Issues of race and inequity are tightly intertwined and regularly manifest in individual and community health, access to healthcare, delivery of healthcare, social determinants of health, and in employment in the healthcare sector. As we confront the COVID-19 pandemic, disparities in these areas have become even more apparent and pronounced. 

NEAHQ has an important role to play in improving equity and confronting racism in healthcare. NEAHQ is New England's organization for healthcare quality professionals. Our purpose is to promote the delivery of quality healthcare; provide leadership and expertise in the delivery of quality care; promote professional ethics; facilitate communication, cooperation and education among and for healthcare quality professionals; and support and actively advocate for patients to receive quality healthcare.

Consistent with our purpose and rising to the needs of this time, NEAHQ is committed to creating programming that will educate and address issues to make sure care is equitable and accessible, to educating about social determinants of health and reducing negative impacts, to ensuring our membership is diverse and inclusive, and that opportunities for development and advancement are available to members, inclusive of those of marginalized communities and communities of color.

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